• Yagmur Simsek

    SEO & Content Strategist

Me, in different titles…

Me, in different titles…
If I had to create a content brief for my “about me” page, below would be the target keywords included in the brief document I guess;

  • a human being
  • an ordinary person
  • a little girl; a motivated woman
  • a lucky daughter, a sister, a niece, and a granddaughter
  • a friend; close friend; whatever friend; hated friend; very loved friend
  • a lover; busy but fun partner
  • a professional, a colleague, an SEO and content enthusiast,
  • a coffee addict, just Londoner, always dreamer, sometimes loser, mostly sober,
  • and the list will probably get longer but I should stop at some point 🙂
  • Me, in numbers…

  • I’m 32 and still can’t believe this.
  • I’ve completed my 8th year in the Content Ocean & the 5th year in the SEO Galaxy
  • I’ve worked with 35+ brands and startups including B2B & B2C websites; had a chance to meet amazing teams and get involved in inspiring projects.
  • I speak two languages which are Turkish and English. (I’m a native Turkish speaker and English is my second language.)
  • I have visited 14 countries so far and planning to visit more. I love everything about travelling; this includes arriving at the airport earlier than expected and working from there too.
  • I gave my first public conference speech in 2021 and I’m planning to attend more conferences as a speaker and attendee. So far, I spoke and shared my insights at the leading in-person industry conferences, including the International Search Summit Barcelona, BrightonSEO, Digital Marketing Europe Conference, Search Y Paris, Women in Tech SEO Festival and We Love SEO Paris and other online events.
  • Me, in places…

    • I grew up in Antalya and then studied in Istanbul where I lived for almost 10 years before I moved to the UK. 
    • I currently live in London and in my dreams 🙂

    All above are my favourite places and they all have their own spirits… 

    Worked with 35+ happy clients

    I saw them smiling:)

    Wrote 10 song lyrics

    My song lyrics are recently in Turkish but will complete and share a couple of English songs soon.

    8200+ cups of coffee

    No regrets. Since 2010…