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Search ‘n Stuff Istanbul Edition – Panel Discussions – Oct 15, 2023

“Search ‘n Stuff Istanbul Edition” on October 15, 2023, was a blast! The event featured two cool panel discussions.

The first one was all about how AI is changing the game in content creation and SEO. The speakers also talked about AI’s impact on e-commerce, which was super interesting.

In the second panel, we dived into how AI is levelling up digital gaming. We have discussed 2024 digital game trends, with a focus on AI and the Metaverse – it’s like peeking into the future of gaming with also understanding and celebrating the history of gaming.

To spice things up, we had two cocktail workshops that gave attendees a chance to mix and mingle. Networking was our opportunity to connect and share ideas.

I believe this Search ‘n Stuff edition was a blend of insights, trends, and some networking, making it a day well spent for all the digital enthusiasts and professionals who joined in.

Speakers: Tuğçe Durmuşoğlu, Mert Erkal, Gamze Nurluoğlu, Eray Dinç, Can Arda

Sponsors: PRNEWS.IO , Optdcom, Turn Global, Stradiji SEO & Digital Performance Agency, Orbital Agency, GCS Network | Global Cyber Security Network, GN İletişim I Danışmanlık

Our first-ever Search ‘n Stuff event video is now live!

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